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Shipping: All orders are packed with the utmost care! We usually ship everything out on Mondays and Fridays (usually within 3 to 4 business days after an order is placed). The delivery partners will attempt to deliver the package twice before they return it back to us. We will subsequently mail you the delivery and tracking details of the logistic agent once the transfer is made to them after your purchase. We don’t yet do International shipping. However, please feel free to write to us to enquire about any new updates on this. Write to smruti@nonamemakings.com for any queries


Domestic shipping: Free shipping on domestic orders above 10,000 INR. For all the orders with the cart value less than 10,000 INR will be charged a flat rate of 150 INR.

International Shipping: Write to us to enquire about international shipping and it's charges. We can ship internationally upon a request. The shipping charges will be calculated on case by case basis.


All references to Rupee on this website are in Indian currency. Indian prices are different to International prices due to taxes/duties, and the laws of the countries they have been bought from. In cases of International shipping, prices may vary when logging into the site from different postal codes and locations. Prices are subject to change at any time, without any notifications. All rights to change prices are reserved by ‘Smruti Makings’.

Prices of products available at retail outlets are only available within India. No product can be sold for Indian prices outside the country.


Since NO.NA.MÉ is only a two-person team, all that goes into making our fervent love for beauty and design a ‘business is carried out by us, from within the confines of our homes. Still, we are not alone. The leather is sourced from Indian tanneries and are hand-cut and finished by a bunch of master craftsmen from Dharavi. The gold, brass & SS detailing are all machined to the desired forms of geometry by a group of skilful engineers within Mumbai. We will make sure that the jewellery kit that reaches you is in the best of possible conditions and making. Refunds and exchanges aren’t typically offered unless the item is damaged during shipping. Please contact us if this is the case and we will fix it! A handy tip is to please read through the size and fitting for each piece before making your buy. Please also keep the following in mind before making your purchase: Leather & recycled leather-like all-natural materials are bound to present small variations in their appearance and shape, making each product unique emphasising its handmade character. Minor shape and finish variations in our brass details are a part of the handcrafting process and beyond the control of our engineers. If your product darkens over time and acquires a patina, it is the property of the metal and is caused by varying climatic & storage conditions.


We are only able to accept cancellations if the request is made within 12 hours of the order being placed. Any purchases made from other online portals will be governed by the refund and return policies of those portals. You may need to escalate the request to the concerned portals only. Write to smruti@nonamemakings.com for any queries



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